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Did you know that there was an awards show devoted solely to trailers? And that it has a prize for the best trailer made without an accompanying feature film? Neither did I until I read this profile in the Gothamist of Veronica Varlow, model, retro fashion doyenne, and now actress. Along with photographer and director Burke Heffner (who shot the picture here of Varlow) she’s made a very slick trailer intended as a fundraising tool for a feature, Revolver (pictured below), which she describes in Gothamist as ““a romance in exile . . . rumbling down the lost 2 lane byways, where a quiet cowboy’s promise strands him a thousand miles from home and hunted by the law, all to save a doomed New York City showgirl who has hitched a ride.”

Here’s Varlow from the Revolver website, where you can also stream the trailer, on her night at the Golden Trailers:

The last five days have found us landing in Las Vegas, driving the desert in a rental car, entering Los Angeles in a fury of finger crossing and frenzied excitement, and hours later walking the red carpet at the Orpheum Theater for the Golden Trailer Awards.

Jeremy Sisto of “Six Feet Under” presented our category, “Best Trailer No Movie”. He said, “A regular trailer has to be good enough to get someone to drop 10 bucks. In this category, the trailer has to be good enough to get somebody to drop 10 million bucks.”

And then he said the words…”And the nominees are….”

I remember years ago on a clear city night, sitting on the fire escape with Burke, dreaming of getting to Las Vegas. In the story, Blue longs to get to Vegas and in real life, I did, too. And finally, on Monday night, because of the Golden Trailer Awards, I saw Las Vegas for the first time.

For the 5 minutes it took to watch our trailer splash across the screen with two other incredible competitors, I didn’t breathe at all.

And when he finally announced Revolver as the winner, I let it all out in one very satisfied scream.

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