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in Filmmaking
on Oct 29, 2006

Over at Ain’t it Cool News Moriaty has up a detailed review of David Lynch’s Inland Empire, which the filmmaker is reportedly self-distributing later this year. I missed it at the New York Film Festival and while I heard mixed, Moriaty’s review really got me psyched. But before the review, he relates this anecdote of Lynch using his apartment as an impromptu location a couple of years ago, an evening that yielded about 15 seconds of footage in the finished film:

“They told me that they’d be shooting something for Lynch’s website, a short film. I was shocked to see that all they had with them was DV equipment. One of my favorite things about Lynch has traditionally been the lush cinematography of his films. Altogether, Lynch had about four people with him, along with Dern and a young Polish actress who seemed to speak very little English. My roommate, Henchman Mongo, had just moved out, and Mrs. Moriarty and I were in the process of changing everything in the apartment, so one of the bedrooms was empty. That allowed Lynch to set it up any way he wanted. He had the Polish actress lay on the floor of the room, smoking, while Dern sat with her back against the wall. Altogether, they probably took two hours to work a scene, and at the end of it, Lynch carried his own equipment back out to the car. Jeremy told me that he had no idea if the footage would be used in anything, or if it would just be an experiment in the format for Lynch, but either way, they thanked me. A few weeks later, signed DVD copies of THE SHORT FILMS OF DAVID LYNCH and ERASERHEAD showed up at my door as a thank you.”

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