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in Filmmaking
on Oct 30, 2006

Publishers Weekly has what seems to be the first review of Thomas Pynchon’s new novel, Against the Day.

From the conclusion:

Now pushing 70, Pynchon remains the archpoet of death from above, comedy from below and sex from all sides. His new book will be bought and unread by the easily discouraged, read and reread by the cult of the difficult. True, beneath the book’s jacket lurks the clamor of several novels clawing to get out. But that rushing you hear is the sound of the world, every banana peel and dynamite stick of it, trying to crowd its way in, and succeeding.

According to the blog Pynchonoid, the new book reads like a cross between the author’s Mason and Dixon and Gravity’s Rainbow. And as the book looks to be a typically dense 1,000 pages plus, readers might need this Pynchon wiki designed to enable navigation through the novel’s themes and storylines.

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