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in Filmmaking
on Jan 19, 2007

It’s kind of ironic that I’m here picking up the hotel’s free Wi-Fi and blogging on the second floor of the Sundance headquarters while waiting in a long line for my press credentials, which are delayed due to the festival’s internet being down (and the festival computers having lost a large number of photo files). So far, our small Filmmaker crew has, in less than 24 hours, been hit by said internet failure, food poisoning, lost luggage (along with the entire Delta flight I was on), and a missing condo owner (who was holding the keys). So it looks like I’m missing Tamara Jenkins’ The Savages this a.m., which I have high hopes for.

So, while we sort out our logistical woes, check out the stuff we’ve already got on the site, including James Ponsoldt’s interviews with a number of festival filmmakers and interviews with fest honchos Geoff Gilmore and John Cooper. Also, Jamie Stuart is here shooting for Filmmaker and he should have a podcast up by the end of the fest.

More later…

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