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in Filmmaking
on Sep 1, 2007

One of my favorite websites, Boing Boing, has just undertaken a re-design. The site is a lot cleaner and easier on the eyes now, all the better to scope out eccentric pieces like this article in the Denver Westword News about the historical end date of the Mayan calendar, Freemason conspiracy theory, the New World Order… and the Denver airport?

It’s all knitted together by a filmmaker — producer Nick Weidner, who, with his partner Sharron Rose, made 2012: The Odyssey. Westword’s Jared Jacang Maher, who writes about Weidner’s appearance on KHOW’s Coast to Coast, explains:

Weidner, a filmmaker and freelance journalist, is on Noory’s show to promote 2012: The Odyssey, a new documentary that connects Weidner’s previous work uncovering the secrets of ancient alchemy with a growing interest in the year 2012 as a historical “end date” for the world as we know it, a kind of new-age Armageddon. Some conspiracy buffs predict this end/beginning nexus will generate a telepathic wave of harmony throughout humanity; others see signs that 2012 will be fraught with fire and warfare. The date comes from the ancient Mayan calendar, which marks a day in December five years from now as the conclusion of the 5th Sun. Weidner has found evidence in monuments built by alchemists and Freemasons that they were not only aware of this Mayan prophecy but have been secretly preparing for 2012 for generations. His film examines a 150-year-old cross in France, a Stonehenge-like structure in Georgia and Masonic connections in Washington, D.C. It concludes at Denver International Airport, where Weidner shows the capstone located in the terminal’s Great Hall — a name that’s no accident, since Masonic temples call their main meeting rooms by the same name. Engraved in the marble facade is a coffee-cup-sized icon of a square and compass, symbols of the Masonic order, with the words “New World Airport Commission.” Weidner associates this with the New World Order, an autonomous behind-the-scenes government that manipulates global events and communications.

“And my feeling is that the Denver airport is some kind of cathedral to these guys, a cathedral to the world that they’re making,” Weidner tells the listening audience.

The film’s trailer can be found at the link above.

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