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“NUUMMIOQ” | director, Otto Rosing & Torben Bech

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Saturday, Jan. 23, 11:30 am — Egyptian Theatre, Park City]

There were so many factors that worked against us: the constant weather instability, sensitive technical equipment and working in a country without technical backup. This was compounded with the pressure of a constant lack of funds. At times it was like we were walking on unstable sheets of sea ice, and if we didn’t continue to go forward, we would fall through the ice sheets and drown.

The next challenge was turning the material that we shot into a movie in the editing room. Listening to material and letting it live, giving space to what worked instead of what didn’t and finally finding the story that wanted to be told.

Through all of this we pulled together as a team: Greenlanders, Danes, the crew, the cast, the community and the nation.

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