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Week Six at the Edit Center

On Monday we watch the famous f*ck scene from The Wire. In the past I have seen this scene used as an example of great writing, great directing and great acting. It seems to be a quintessential teaching scene. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you can see it below.

We also watch a sequence from Unzipped, the documentary that follows the fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi (1995, edited by Alan Oxman, cinematography by Ellen Kuras, who went on to shoot a long list of films including Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless mind). Its lyrical look, pacing and creative decisions about color have come to influence the look of many later documentaries. We also have a tech lecture on how to pull a video from YouTube to use in your edit, which can be helpful in any number of ways, especially in the instance of documentaries if you are not provided the footage you need to tell the story in an effective way.

The next day I start color correcting my scenes. I have found my bliss. I studied color theory for years in art school so I feel some measure of comfort working with color, AND I do not have to learn any keyboard short cuts. I love my mouse. Even the most basic color correction makes a film look so much better. It’s very satisfying. I could do this forever.

I leave town Thursday night, which means I will miss the last day of class when we watch the entirety of Family Tree. We have collectively edited the entire film. I will also miss the goodbye dinner. I am sad about this. There is nothing to be done about the dinner, but Oxman has said I can come by when I get back in town to watch the film. I will do this on Tuesday. Six weeks down. One screening to go.

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