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Producer Adele Romanski (The Myth of the American Sleepover, The Freebie) is stepping into the director’s chair with Leave Me Like You Found Me, and she is raising post-production funds on Kickstarter. You can read our interview with Adele about Myth this past summer and check out her Kickstarter video below.

From the Kickstarter page:

A few years back while on a camping trip in California, I had the idea to shoot a film in a national park. The idea was to try and capture something small and intimate and beautiful within the backdrop of something vast and expansive and also beautiful. Thus LEAVE ME LIKE YOU FOUND ME was born.

It is a story about two people who – after a year of being broken up & sad & lonely – decide to get back together. They just want to feel okay again and are hopeful that over the course of the last year they have grown enough as people to make the relationship work. To me this was a familiar idea… that place of total & utter heartbreak where you forget all the flaws of your last love and in your depressed state convince yourself that having them back would fix everything.

As I’ve spent the past few years making films – both as a producer & now as a director – I’ve come to realize that there is a special place in my heart for what I call ‘destination filmmaking’. Touching down in new place and going to work at bringing a vision to the screen while at the same time being immersed in a new location and finding a new routine to your day. This is how I have fallen in love with places like Detroit & Downeast Maine. And I think that making LEAVE ME was for me, the epitome of ‘destination filmmaking’. For two weeks my cast, my crew & myself camped in the woods – slept in tents, built a fire each night, hiked through said woods & made a movie. It was a truly unique experience about which we now have many great stories. We also have a really great, nearly completed film.

Romanski has done great work as a producer, supporting first-time directors and wringing incredible films out of microbudgets. Check out the video and consider helping her finish her first feature.

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