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in Filmmaking
on Jan 2, 2009

The issue of Filmmaker that’s at the printer right now has a piece by Lance Weiler about data portability — how we should be advocating for our right to carry with us our social network data as we trek across the ‘net. In the piece he mentions the filmmaker Arin Crumley and his recently deleted Facebook page. Writes Arin on his new Facebook profile, “The old one was disabled by Facebook because I had over 2,000 friends, so for this one, we have to have met in person for me to add you.” Lance’s warning resonated today once more as, over at Ain’t It Cool News, Harry Knowles notes that his Facebook page has been disabled:

Well, apparently my account had too much “activity” around my Birthday. I had received a couple of thousand Birthday well-wishes, and apparently FACEBOOK admins have some kneejerk to accounts that have that level of activity. I don’t know if this is the case, but as I hadn’t violated any of their “codes of conduct” I can’t imagine what else it could be. And FACEBOOK doesn’t seem to want to repond to inquiries of any kind


So, as our company seems to be pretty decent, this is as good a time as any to note that Filmmaker‘s Facebook profile got deleted this past week as well. Now, our first Facebook profile was as a person, which is something you’re not supposed to do when you’re a company or organization. We didn’t know that when we signed up, and when we did, we came up with a fan page and asked everyone to join that instead. Still, we had way more people on the profile page (almost 5,000) than we do on the fan site, and that’s probably why it was deleted. Anyway, if you are on Facebook and you liked getting the occasional posting or piece of news from us, consider searching for us (or clicking here) and becoming a fan so you’ll receive them once more.

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