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in Filmmaking
on Feb 18, 2009

Taking note of the increasing number of our friends and fans on Twitter as well as the recent (and, I’m sure, orchestrated) barrage of mainstream coverage of the service, I set up a Filmmaker mag Twitter account (the Twitter ID is FilmmakerMag). Initially I thought I’d simply import the blog stream into the Twitter feed so followers would get a tweet with the URL every time the blog was updated. But then I started reading around and it seems that this kind of usage is a faux pas in the Twitter world. I’m of course well aware that numerous companies are using Twitter to broadcast to their fans, and I guess I could start checking them all out, but I thought maybe I’d simply ask all of you. What kind of messages would you like on a Filmmaker Twitter feed? Occasional notices of particularly important blog and article postings? Very frequent musings on breaking indie news? Some kind of way for members of our readership to get the word out on their events to our larger audience? Or do you not care and should we not bother? Let us know by posting below…

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