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in Filmmaking
on Nov 15, 2009

Forget the Oscars, as a producer, I can die now. (You need to watch both clips, and the first one especially to the end.)

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

Seriously, when Harmony Korine forwarded me these links, I thought they were great and couldn’t stop laughing. And then I thought about what we producers go through when trying to obtain music for our films. I can’t remember how much we paid for the music rights for the Roy Orbison version of the Patsy Cline song “Crying” that closes out Gummo, but I’m sure it was a lot less than we’d be charged for it today now that licensors have jacked up their rates to compensate for declining record sales. I think it can be safely said, though, that the song’s inclusion in Gummo 12 years ago has just paid off for the publishers with an unexpected dividend that’s far beyond that license fee.

Licensors, see — it pays off to put your music in indie films.

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