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Contemplations and digressions from Filmmaker's Editor-in-Chief by Scott Macaulay

Phillip Van’s Amazing Post-Sandy Blackout Photos

Filmmaker and former 25 New Face Phillip Van took his camera out during the New York blackout and came away with a beautiful series of long-exposure shots capturing the city’s architecture and workers without their customary nocturnal illumination. Here’s what he had to say via email:

I shot the photos on a regular old Canon 5D. One night I had a tripod. Another I went handheld so I could travel more. The city was pitch black and ominous. Buildings felt like mausoleums. But if you stayed out long enough, your eyes adjusted to candles and shadows behind curtains and you got a sense of all the people in the dark patiently waiting it out.

Check out the photos in full size on Van’s site.

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