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Frankie Latina’s Killer Kickstarter Campaign

I’ve been a huge fan of Frankie Latina’s since I saw his awesome debut feature, the new wave-tinged exploitation flick Modus Operandi, at CineVegas in 2009. Scott shared my love of the movie and that same summer put Latina on Filmmaker‘s “25 New Faces” list. Modus Operandi came out in 2010, and since then Latina has been somewhat quiet. Until now, that is.

Yesterday he launched a Kickstarter campaign for his new film, Snap Shot, with an excellent, attention-grabbing video starring Danny Trejo, who’s one of the leads in Operandi and will also appear in this upcoming project. Latina’s $75,000 target is certainly ambitious, but with people like Trejo and Sasha Grey (who presented Modus Operandi during its theatrical run) in his corner, he’s got a chance of making it. Based on the early footage from the film in the video below, it looks like Snap Shot will be just as entertaining and visually rich as Latina’s debut.

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