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Pitch to the Pros at IFP’s Filmmaker Conference

Think you’ve already thought of the next best film idea? Pitch it! Filmmaker magazine is happy to be co-presenting the Pitch Panels at this year’s IFP Independent Film Week and Filmmaker Conference. Five days of panels and presentations meant to educate and energize emerging filmmakers, the Filmmaker Conference is your place for inspiration, action and community, September 15-19, at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Impressing your friends and family at the dinner table with your pitch is one thing, but with these exciting sessions, filmmakers of all stripes have the chance to dazzle a panel of industry experts who make a living off giving, and getting, the green light.

The first of these Pitch Panels will focus on narrative feature scripts. Barton Finks of the world, this is your chance! For those of you looking to expand the limits of modern storytelling, our second session, the Wild Card Pitch, will focus on web-based content, transmedia, games, apps, and other platforms. Our final session is for documentary directors — test your feature doc idea against television execs and funders!

So, why do this? This seed of an idea has been kicking around your head for so long, why share it in our Pitch Panel? At one point or another, you will have to pitch a movie idea to industry professionals. Here, those same professionals will give priceless advice and tips as to what does and doesn’t work about your pitch, and how you can make it better for when you really have to sell someone on this idea. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to hone your skills!

All pitches will be carefully reviewed by IFP and Filmmaker magazine staff. The best will be chosen to pitch live at the Filmmaker Conference and will receive a Week Pass for the Conference, a year of IFP membership and a subscription to Filmmaker magazine!

All Pitch Workshops take place live at IFP’s Filmmaker Conference, at Lincoln Center in New York City. To submit your pitch and for more info, click here. Pitches are due September 6, don’t delay!

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