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Watch: Richard Linklater’s Perception of Time

Friday afternoon, the Los Angeles Times ran a piece entitled “Kenneth Turan Takes A Critic’s Lonely Stand On Boyhood,” in which the film critic relays his alienation at finding Linklater’s latest short of a masterpiece. The article is less concerned with flushing out his exact grievances with the film, but he does say that he finds the “12 years, one cast,” aspect to be “a bit like a gimmick,” failing to achieve the breadth of Apted’s Up series. In my opinion, the viewing experience of watching the actors age is what makes the film special, overshadowing the more prosaic events in each of Mason Jr.’s 12 years.

Given the way in which Linklater plays off time as “the building blocks of cinema,” I thought to share this pre-Boyhood visual essay by one of our 25 New Faces, ::kogonada. The filmmaker pairs a recorded interview with Linklater alongside footage from the Before series, Truffaut’s Bed and Board and much more, to interrogate the perception and passage of time in cinema.

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