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Festival Trailer Watch: Borscht 9

December 17 – 21 I should be concentrated on Christmas shopping, but I’ll be at Borscht 9 in Miami. (Sorry, friends and family.) Borscht 8 was my favorite film event of 2012, and I can’t wait for this year’s edition.

What’s Borscht? (Aside from a soup?) Here, from the site:

The Borscht Film Festival (est. 2004 by New World School of the Arts high school students) is a quasi-yearly event held at iconic Miami venues that commissions, produces, and showcases movies created by emerging regional filmmakers telling Miami stories that go beyond the city’s insipid exterior.

Borscht Corp is an open source collaborative dedicated to telling Miami stories. Through commission grants, film production, web experiments, tendzmedia projects, myth-making and The Borscht Film Festival, we redefine the perception of Miami- empowering locals to tell their stories and offering a global platform to share them.
Founded by members of the generation that came of age with the infant metropolis itself, Borscht hopes to articulate the voices of the New Miami and its idiosyncratic culture.

Using a combination of awards, grants, sponsorships, ticket revenue, in-kind and tax-deductible donations, we green-light between six and thirty projects quasi-annually, then throw a five day event that is equal parts film festival, performance art, social experiment, gonzo cultural summit, and party to showcase them.

For glimpses at some of those commissions, check out the just-released teaser trailer, above.

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