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Trailer Watch (Red Band): Giuseppe Makes a Movie

Via Cinelicious, Adam Rifkin’s documentary on DIY filmmaker Giuseppe Andrews, Giuseppe Makes a Movie, gets a New York theatrical run this month at the Anthology Film Archives via Cinelicious, the distributor who recently opened Josephine Decker’s films. Check out the trailer above.

Wrote Lauren Wissot when she intro’d an interview with Rifkin here at Filmmaker:

A veteran of both Hollywood and indie film, Adam Rifkin, on the other hand, is a name familiar to any fan of the 1999 cult comedy Detroit Rock City, which Rifkin directed, and which starred Andrews alongside Edward Furlong. Now Rifkin and Andrews have teamed up again as Rifkin follows the director in his quest to shoot in two days his latest flick, Garbanzo Gas, about a cow that gets an all-expense-paid trip to a motel (courtesy of the slaughterhouse).

Andrews may have been so enamored by the scene in Buñuel’s Viridiana, in which the beggars install themselves in the protagonist’s house that he wants to make an entire movie of “just that scene, but Rifkin seems equally inspired by Andrews. The result is Giuseppe Makes A Movie, the Hollywood outsider/insider’s sweet tribute to his fellow filmmaker friend. And to the Dreamlander-type family of homeless men and trailer park neighbors that orbits Andrews’s mobile home/movie studio in Ventura, CA.

For a profile of Cinelicious and its founders, check out Sarah Salovaara’s report from our Fall issue.

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