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Review and Collaborate on Projects with Wipster

If you’ve ever dealt with a video project that needed feedback from a team of people, chances are you’ve worked with Dropbox files, password-protected Vimeo links, and a scattered selection of email chains. Wipster aims to streamline the process with their online platform.

Simply upload your video file and choose who you want to share it with. Everyone you list will get an email with a unique URL to view the video without needing to create an account and log in. From there they can use Wipster’s powerful commenting feature, which lets any collaborator comment on any frame in the video just by clicking. The location of the click is tracked, so you can point out a specific section of the frame. Comments are attached to each person’s name, which Wipster knows based on their unique email links.

The comments turn into a trackable list of to-dos. They have a lot of features similar to Facebook or Google Docs, so it feels very familiar. Anyone can reply to a comment or Like it. When new versions of the same project are uploaded, they get stacked into the project, so you don’t have a slew of different version numbers between different projects cluttering your dashboard. While sending out your project to other people, you have a few additional options, like adding a password and adding an approval button when dealing with client projects.

Wipster offers a free option that lets you upload 15 minutes a month. This is based on the runtime of the first upload of a project. When you start adding other revisions to a project those minutes don’t count towards your monthly quota, even if a later cut is longer than the first. For $25 a month you get up to 100 minutes of uploading and can brand the interface to have your own logo. For small teams the $50 a month plan gets 5 users, so a team can look at and share the same projects. You can also create folders for different projects and set permissions for users. There’s more options from there that include more minutes and more users.

When you’re dealing with edits and feedback this is an extremely streamlined way to keep everyone’s thoughts organized and help make your project better through better commenting and collaboration. Right now there is just a web interface but a web app with full functionality on smart phones and tablets is coming. Check out Wipster and create a free account.

Joey Daoud is a documentary filmmaker covering new gear from NAB. His latest project, Strike: The Greatest Bowling Story Ever Told just kicked off the Made with Kickstarter series on The New York Times. You can follow him on Twitter at @C47 and Instagram @C47Joe.

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