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Watch: Beemus, It’ll End in Tears, from Lauren Wolkstein and Frances Bodomo

in Filmmaker Videos
on Aug 4, 2016

collective: unconscious, the anthology film in which independent filmmakers interpret each other’s dreams, is being released this coming Tuesday, for free, via BitTorrent. Today, producer Dan Schoenbrun — who, by the way, has just launched a regular column here at Filmmaker — has posted one episode of the film (a teaser, if you will). It’s Lauren Wolkstein’s adaptation of Frances Bodomo’s dream. (And, hey, another Filmmaker aside: both directors are veterans of our 25 New Faces series.)

Here’s the one-line for Bodomo’s dream given to Wolkstein:

My PE class and I are stuck in a volcano and we’re being made to drink hair in soap water to stop from getting blown up by the volcano-master (who has a walrus mustache).

Watch the film above, and check out the whole feature next week.

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