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25 New Faces of Film 2022

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Nan Goldin in the bathroom with roommate, Boston (courtesy of Nan Goldin)

Images & Action: Director Laura Poitras on Her Nan Goldin Documentary, All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

Perhaps the simplest way to describe Laura Poitras’s All the Beauty and the Bloodshed is as a conversation between two artists who are committed to the truth potential of lens-based mediums. The film, which won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival and will be released in theaters this fall by NEON, is Poitras’s portrait of Nan Goldin, one of the most celebrated photographers of her generation. What may be less known is that Goldin is also an organizer of campaigns for social justice to which she brings as much fiercely dedicated energy as she does to her photography. […]

  • Courtesy of Art Parnitudom The Body Is a Tool

    From working in the camera department, I can still picture vividly some of the worn-down bodies I observed between takes: DPs, camera operators, ACs, grips and electricians standing at slightly odd angles, gripping their lower backs with one hand like a scissor jack propping up their spines. Whenever a fellow assistant or operator passed me a rig I didn’t have enough strength to hold properly, I would feel my lower back compensating in a way I knew it shouldn’t, and it wasn’t hard for me to understand that that strain might stick around if I kept it up. I heard […]

  • Lillian Schwartz's Pixillation Engineers, Artists, Both? Joanne McNeil on Bell Lab’s Pioneering Ken Knowlton

    “Animated movies are usually made by a slow and complex process involving the coordinated efforts of many artists, draftsmen, photographers and other specialists,” begins a curious instructional film Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc. released in 1964. After asserting that with an “electronic computer,” an animator could bypass “tedious” labor, the opening scroll concludes, “this very film was produced entirely by the process which is about to be described.” What follows is a concise and visually fascinating demonstration of BEFLIX (“Bell Flix”), one of the earliest computer animation techniques. Images in the demo—created with a “mosaic” grid of squares, each programmed to […]

  • Anna Diop in Nanny Wayward Spirits: Nia DaCosta Interviews Nanny Writer/Director Nikyatu Jusu

    Nanny, the feature debut from writer-director Nikyatu Jusu, evokes a truly rebellious spirit, channeling West African folklore as a liberatory chaos agent to confront the xenophobia, racism and misogyny that regularly besets immigrants working as domestic laborers in the United States. Aisha (Anna Diop), a Senegalese woman living in New York City, is initially ecstatic when she lands a gig as a live-in nanny for a wealthy family in Manhattan. Amy (Michelle Monaghan) and Adam (Morgan Spector) appear to be well-intentioned employers, and their daughter Rose (Rose Decker) instantly connects with Aisha. However, she quickly realizes that the family’s swanky […]


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