Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut on The Illumination Experience and the Keys to the City


In the second part of this interview with cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, we cover his upcoming “Illumination Experience Educational Tour“; why he’s undertaken this project, and the format and objective of the classes. Hurlbut also reveals what he calls “the keys to…  Read more


Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut on Camera Tests and the Joy of Older Lenses

Shane Hurlbut (center)Shane Hurlbut (center)

I first saw cinematographer Shane Hurlbut speaking at a trade show held in New York City in 2010 hosted by Canon. Hurlbut had just finished shooting Act of Valor, shot predominately using the Canon 5D Mark II, and he burst…  Read more


Five Questions with Before We Go Director Chris Evans

Before We GoBefore We Go

Making his directorial debut with a nighttime two-hander, Before We Go, actor Chris Evans has gravitated to dramatic material far removed from the effects-driven world saving of his Captain America movies. Starring alongside Alice Eve, Evans puts his own spin…  Read more


Five Questions for The Editor Writer/Directors Matthew Kennedy and Adam Brooks

Matthew Kennedy and Adam Brooks' The EditorMatthew Kennedy and Adam Brooks' The Editor

With the recent Berberian Sound Studio and now The Editor, we’re in a bit of a giallo revival. Or, more accurately, the gory, gloriously art decorated Italian horror thrillers of the 1970s have inspired a new generation to pay homage…  Read more