Hitchcock + Haneke: DP Edu Grau on The Gift

The GiftThe Gift

Amongst a summer movie season awash in sequels, remakes and presold tentpole properties, it’s rare to find a sleeper at the multiplex, an unknown quantity with the ability to surprise an audience. Such is The Gift, an unnerving psychological thriller…  Read more


The Studios “Are Wanting a Strong Female Perspective”: Pamela Ribon Talks Novel and Television Writing on She Does Podcast

Pamela Ribon (photo: Elaine McMillion-Sheldon)Pamela Ribon (photo: Elaine McMillion-Sheldon)

Pamela Ribon is a television writer, screenwriter, best-selling novelist and all around hilarious human. She’s been a writer in comedy rooms for both network and cable television and is the author of four novels. NPR called her new memoir, Notes…  Read more


Disembowelment and Doggie Cams: DP Sandi Sissel on The People Under the Stairs

The People Under the StairsThe People Under the Stairs

If there are two characteristics defining director of photography Sandi Sissel’s work, they are versatility and realism. Sissel began her career in the documentary field, shooting countless hours of footage for NBC and ABC News as well as 60 Minutes,…  Read more


Discovering the Spiritus Loci: Simone Rapisarda Casanova on The Creation of Meaning

The Creation of MeaningThe Creation of Meaning

The primary subject of The Creation of Meaning — the second feature by the delightfully named Simone Rapisarda Casanova — is the equally delightfully named Pacifico Pieruccioni, who lives in a village at the very top of the Tuscan Alps. He…  Read more