Five Questions for Burn Country Director Ian Olds

The FixerThe Fixer

Every city has a learning curve. In Burn Country, opening today from Samuel Goldwyn, an exiled Afghan writer (Dominic Rains) arrives in rural California eager to immerse himself in the culture and customs of an American town. He befriends an unbalanced…  Read more

By Dec 9, 2016

Filming During Malaria Season: Kelly Daniela Norris and T.W. Pittman on Nakom

Kelly Daniela Norris and T.W. PittmanKelly Daniela Norris and T.W. Pittman

Nakom is the first ever feature film in the Kusaal language and the first Ghanaian narrative film to have screened at the Berlin International Film Festival. Following the world premiere in Berlin, the film made its U.S. debut at the…  Read more

By Dec 7, 2016

“There’s No Such Thing as a Post-Racial America”: Sam Pollard on Two Trains Runnin’

Two Trains Runnin'Two Trains Runnin'

In the summer of ’64, after President Lyndon B. Johnson passed the Civil Rights Act which enabled African-Americans to vote for their government, many young men and women (primarily white) took to Mississippi to join the Mississippi Summer Project, a season long…  Read more

By Dec 6, 2016

Podcast: Alix Lambert Interviews Westworld Stunt Coordinator Mike Watson

Mike Watson photographed by Alix LambertMike Watson photographed by Alix Lambert

In one of our occasional Filmmaker podcasts, director, artist and writer Alix Lambert interviews here stunt coordinator Mike Watson, whose work can be seen on HBO’s Westworld, which has its season finale tomorrow night. In addition to Westworld, Watson’s over…  Read more

By Dec 3, 2016

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