Queer Film Pioneer Monika Treut on Of Girls and Horses

Monika Treut's Of Girls and HorsesMonika Treut's Of Girls and Horses

A legend in lesbian cinema, Monika Treut has been making films for 30 years, starting with her 1985 narrative feature Seduction: The Cruel Woman (featuring Udo Kier – not bad for a debut film), and right through to this year’s…  Read more


“Nikki Sixx Told Me He Didn’t Like It When I Called Him a 40-Year Old Heroin Addict”: Penelope Spheeris and Anna Fox on The Decline of Western Civilization

Faster Pussycat in The Decline of Western Civilization Part IIFaster Pussycat in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II

A holy grail for both cinephiles and rock and roll enthusiasts finally arrives on DVD this week in the form of Shout Factory’s superbly assembled The Decline of Western Civilization boxed set. The first two Decline films are essential artifacts…  Read more


Stinking Heaven Actors Hannah Gross and Deragh Campbell

Campbell Deragh and Hannah Gross (left to right)Campbell Deragh and Hannah Gross (left to right)

Filmmaker‘s Taylor Hess recently attended and reported on the U.S. in Progress series at the Champs-Élysées Film Festival. While there, she spoke to a number of female directors, producers and actresses. Below, her conversation with Hannah Gross and Deragh Campbell,…  Read more


“Maybe The Mechanic Would Be Good for This”: DP Tim Orr on Manglehorn

Al Pacino in ManglehornAl Pacino in Manglehorn

When I ask cinematographer Tim Orr if – after ten feature films together with director David Gordon Green – their references are most frequently their own movies, Orr replies, “Well, you don’t want to make the same movie over and…  Read more