“This is Softcore”: The History of Radley Metzger

The Lickerish QuarterThe Lickerish Quarter

Opening today, August 7, at the Film Society of Lincoln Center is This is Softcore: The Art Cinema Erotica of Radley Metzger, a survey of the director whose arty erotica more or less defined what in the ’70s was dubbed…  Read more


“Makin’ Your Own Rules”: Ron Mann’s Altman

Robert Altman (Photo courtesy of Sandcastle 5)Robert Altman (Photo courtesy of Sandcastle 5)

Altmanesque. Ron Mann asked a dozen admirers to define that term in Altman, his new documentary about the director of *M*A*S*H, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, The Player, Gosford Park and 40 other features spanning an astonishing five decades. “Inspiration,” Paul Thomas…  Read more


Animal Portraiture: An Interview with The Strange Little Cat Director Ramon Zürcher

The Strange Little CatThe Strange Little Cat

For this correspondent’s money, the film to beat so far in 2014 is Swiss filmmaker Ramon Zürcher’s The Strange Little Cat (Das merkwürdige Kätzchen), a dazzlingly low-key schematic diagram of a single day’s ebb and flow in a German apartment. Zürcher…  Read more


Adam Epstein Talks Editing for SNL and “The Cutting Edge” Workshop


Adam Epstein is a freelance editor. For the last five years, he’s worked with the Saturday Night Live film unit, editing parody pieces of all kinds. He’s just begun a nationwide workshop tour with “The Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour,” a…  Read more