Personal Doesn’t Mean Small: IFP Week Filmmakers On Tackling Big Issues With Intimate Stories

Filmmakers David France, Cecilia Aldaronod and Yance Ford talk about their films at IFP Week 2017.

“I think we have this profound misrepresentation around personal films being small,” said Cecilia Aldarondo, one of three filmmakers of personal docs who spoke at IFP Week 2017. The panel was called “When the Personal Gets Political and the Political…  Read more

By Sep 22, 2017

Five Questions for Stronger Director David Gordon Green

Jake Gyllenhaal and David Gordon Green on the set of Stronger. Photo: Scott Garfield (Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions)

David Gordon Green finds it difficult to focus on one type of project at any given time, and as a result, frustrates his agents in working out how to market him. But the Arkansas-born, South Carolina-based writer/ director, whose diverse…  Read more

By Sep 22, 2017

“Women Don’t Always Get to Play the Funny Parts”: Julie Klausner Talks Making Difficult People Herself at IFP Week

Julie Klausner stops by IFP Week 2017 to talk about her show Difficult People

If there’s a common thread that runs through any truly original work, it’s this: The creators saw something that wasn’t in the world, so they created it themselves. You hear that a lot in independent films. You also hear it,…  Read more

By Sep 21, 2017

“Find a Small, Possibly Unsexy Job You Can Do Well”: At IFP Week, Directors and Producers on Getting Started in Indie Film

Left to right, Ingrid Jungermann, Chanelle Aponte Pearson, Kishori Rajan, Gillian Robespierre and Joshua Z. Weinstein talk about how to make independent filmmaking a career at IFP Week 2017.

So you’ve made a film. Congrats. But you’re not out of the woodwork yet. You may never be. The four filmmakers and one producer who appeared on the IFP Week panel called “On Working (and Staying) in Indie Film Today”…  Read more

By Sep 21, 2017

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