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Trailer Watch: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s Something in the Dirt

After premiering at Sundance earlier this year, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead‘s Something in the Dirt now has a trailer ahead of its theatrical release. It’s the fifth feature from the filmmaking duo, who previously helmed Resolution (2012), Spring (2014), The Endless (2017) and Synchronic (2019).

Like much of their filmography, Something in the Dirt features a strong sci-fi slant, this time focusing on a man named Levi (Benson) who moves into a shady no-lease apartment in the Hollywood Hills. He quickly befriends his neighbor John (Moorhead), and the two begin investigating a seemingly paranormal presence that has manifested in the apartment. Hoping to capitalize off of a widespread cultural fascination with the supernatural, Levi and John concoct a plan to capture the entity on film—a project that will test the very limits of their sanity.

Aside from co-directing and starring in the project, Benson and Moorhead also serve as co-editors, with Benson taking over screenwriting duties and Moorhead acting as DP. While Something in the Dirt plays into the filmmaker’s established interest in the eerie, it also creepily unravels the oft-chaotic process behind making a movie, a particularly interesting angle from a largely DIY duo.

Something in the Dirt hits theaters on November 4 via VXY Pictures, and check back on Filmmaker for forthcoming coverage of Benson and Moorhead’s latest film.

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