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ReelCall is Here to Make Networking and Staffing in the Industry Accessible to All (Sponsored)

in Filmmaking
on Jan 18, 2023

Finding your team and talent for a project is a lot like dating.

Have you ever wondered why companies like match.com, eHarmony and, more recently, apps such as Tinder and Bumble are so good at finding matches? They use data and inputs from their users to put the right people in front of each other. ReelCall uses that same idea to help creatives match on projects, jobs and roles to help find the right fit for each person.

Do you have an idea for a project but don’t have the network to find other creatives to make your film come to life? ReelCall can match you with directors, producers, editors, wardrobe, music, stunts, etc. that you need to fill out your team, based on the criteria you determine as relevant for the project.

Filmmakers that wear a lot of hats in the pre-production process can use ReelCall to find talent for their films—as simple as “building an ideal actor” and sorting submissions based on their fit to the role.

Want to keep all your team and talent information in one place? ReelCall has you covered.

Other helpful features include Self-Tape requests, where you can request a self-tape from any submission that will automatically create a document for each role. There is also a Short List, where you can add any submission to narrow down your choices, as well as request availability and view their headshots, reels, self-tapes and other information conveniently.

Also an actor? Sign up for a Talent profile and find matches to roles that fit your expertise and experience.

For Filmmaker readers, there’s a 50% discount for your subscription or upgrade. Use the code “LAUNCH22” to get ReelCall Creator or Plus tier for only $35/year!



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