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Adam Bhala Lough is one of our 25 New Faces alumni, and his feature Bomb the System opened in New York this weekend. Here are quotes from an interview with him in the Gothamist.

On the difficult of making sympathic graffiti artist characters:

“…anyone who’s walked up to their apartment in NY and saw a fresh tag on their door, literally dripping because it just went up, and got pissed off, they’re going to bring that hatred to the movie. A lot of people even asked me, ‘why did you even bother making a movie about graffiti writers? They’re horrible people.'”

On the look of the film:

“I wanted to achieve with the visuals and cinematography what graffiti writers achieve with their spray can: a blend of styles. That in your-face style, yet at the same time raw and gritty, not polished. And I think that’s the most successful aspect of the film to me. I experimented and I tried to do something different.”

His dream cast:

“Mark Webber, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel, Tera Patrick and Old Dirty Bastard – may he rest in peace. I wrote a part for [ODB] in a movie and then he died. It sucks. It was a really pivotal role.”

What he would bring to a dramatic adaptation of Paris Hilton’s Confessions of an Heiress:

“It would be a tragic porno film. It would be a hardcore porno, but really sad. It would really f*** people up.”

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