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on Jun 12, 2006

Over at Suicide Girls, Daniel Robert Epstein interviews the great horror director Stuart Gordon and talks about the reissue of the fantastic 80s horror film From Beyond as well as an upcoming project — another episode in the Re-Animator series:

DRE: I read that House of Re-Animator is going to set in the White House.
SG: Yeah, we’re excited about that. We’re in the process of writing it, so that’s a little ways off.
DRE: Are you definitely directing it?
SG: Yes, we hope to start at the beginning of next year.
DRE: What has brought you back to Re-Animator?
SG: It was when George W. Bush became president, I want to say got elected but he really didn’t. I actually believed that Donald Rumsfeld had died. I couldn’t believe he was still around. Suddenly I had this idea that this was a reanimated Cabinet. I got very excited about the idea. I’ve actually been pestering Brian [Yuzna] to do this House of Re-Animator idea for awhile. It wasn’t until Bush started his second term that Brian had finally said, “Okay. I think we should do it.” I think he was afraid of the idea originally.

Meanwhile, the New York Times writes about Gordon’s newest film, an adaptation of David Mamet’s fantastic play Edmond.

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