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Filmmaker‘s Jamie Stuart has moved uptown where he’s documented the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s build of their new Elinor Bunin theaters. He’s made four new pieces, characteristically backlit, and in black-and-white, and they have premiered at Vanity Fair, which also runs an interview with him. Below is his sit-down with Executive Director Rose Kuo, and a video in which he geeks out on all the new gear. And here, from the interview, is his take on the filmmakers of the future:

Traditionally, the director’s job is to oversee things, and make decisions while you have a cameraman who shoots it, an editor who edits. Now, you have all these people coming up who do everything themselves. I think over the next 20 years or so, you’re going to be seeing a lot more auteurs because the more you can do yourself, the less money you need. With D.I.Y., you’re trying to impress professionals and say, “Look what I can do with no money. Imagine what I could do with some money.” I have a little dolly and a crane that I keep in my closet—if I had a crew of just half a dozen people, I could make a film that’d blow people’s minds. You’d be seeing all these dolly and crane shots on a $50,000 movie. If I had $100,00, it would look like $2 million.

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