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in Filmmaking
on Jul 22, 2006

Some video links for your weekend viewing pleasure.

Here’s a link to a rejected (for being too weird) series of jeans commercials by Jean-Luc Godard commissioned by Marithé + François Girbaud’s Closed Jeans.

From the amazing Ubu Web comes a a new page devoted to the “Cinema of Transgression,” an underground film movement that flourished in New York during the ’80s. Along with Nick Zedd’s Cinema of Transgression Manifesto you’ll find free downloads and streams of films by Richard Kern, Beth B, Kembra Pfahler, Jon Moritsugu, Tessa Hughes-Freeland and others. (The above two links courtesy of Dennis Cooper’s blog.)

A while back we linked to Harmony Korine’s Cat Power video. Here’s her latest, directed by Robert Gordon: “Lived in Bars.”

And finally, well, James Ponsoldt emailed the above link plus another that sounded great… a live Pink Floyd TV appearance in which the band is insulted by the host and the late, great Syd Barrett endures it all with impeccable politeness. But in posting the link I see that Pink Floyd management has threatened it off of YouTube. Oh well, check out the rest that’s here, especially the links on Ubu Web.

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