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in Filmmaking
on Feb 5, 2008

Looking at our coverage of films last year we realized we did a pretty good job choosing films that went on to get Oscar nominations (yes, there was much rejoicing in the office). Some appeared in Nick Dawson’s Director Interviews section on the Website, others were Web Exclusives, while a good deal was in the magazine and we never got them online. So beginning tonight and going all the way to Oscar night on Feb. 24, we’ll be republishing those pieces in the Oscar Preview section on the main page (except for There Will Be Blood (nominated for Best Picture, Director, Lead Actor, Cinematography, Screenplay, Editing, Sound Editing and Art Design) and Taxi To The Dark Side (nominated for Best Feature Documentary) which is already on our main page).

Currently up is the Little Miss Sunshine of this year’s award season, Jason Reitman‘s Juno. Lisa Y. Garibay sat down with Reitman and the film’s screenwriter Diablo Cody for the Fall ’07 issue.

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