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“MOSTQUITA Y MARI” | writer-director, Aurora Guerrero

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Sunday, January 22 9:00 pm — Egyptian Theatre]

Being a filmmaker just feels right to me. It flows without forcing it. It feels like the tool I was born to use to express myself. I once explained it as feeling like that first pair of Puma shoes, you know, like they were meant especially for you to sport around town. There’s so much about film that I respect. It’s a medium that demands the talents of others and I love collaborating. Film requires patience, persistence, and passion. These are all qualities I have developed through my experiences as a filmmaker and I am so grateful for that. This medium has the power to bring a filmmaker to their knees in tears – either out of disappointment, pure joy, or both. Film can make people feel. It is one of the most powerful mediums around. That’s why I’m a filmmaker and that’s why I made Mosquita y Mari.

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