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“THE END OF LOVE” | director, Mark Webber

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Saturday, January 21 2:30 pm –Library Center Theatre, Park City]

My mom had me when she was 16. I lived with her in a car, then in shitty houses with an abusive father who was hooked on heroin, then in abandoned buildings we would takeover because we were homeless.

I had an interesting childhood.

So when I was lucky enough to see a film in a movie theater, I would immediately be transported to another world. A world of dreams, where everything seemed possible.

What was once just a form of escapism, is now my greatest joy. It brings me joy to act in films and make films.

I make movies for that 10 year old little boy who is ashamed to be poor and thinks there is no way out. I make movies to inspire, to engage people in self reflection, to laugh, to cry, to feel and I cherish every moment of it.


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