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in Filmmaking
on Jan 3, 2009

Ted Hope has been running on his blog an upbeat series of posts in which he finds reasons to be optimistic about change in the independent film business. Check out his first post here , his most recent post ((22-25) here, and scroll in between for the rest.

And here’s one sample:

22. Financiers are collaborating with each other. Groups like Impact Partners that provide regular deal flow, vetting, and producerial oversight for investors with common interests lowers the threshold number for investors interested in entering the film business. IndieVest is another model based on subscription, deal flow, and perqs. The high amount of capital needed to enter the film business has limited its participants. The film business has its own vernacular, and mysterious business practices. It is an industry of relationships. Collaborative ventures like this help to solve many of these threshold issues.

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