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on Mar 22, 2009

One of the best received narrative films at SXSW this past week was David Lowery’s St. Nick, his subtle tale of two children making their way through their world mysteriously on their own. Alicia Van Couvering interviewed Lowery for Filmmaker here, and David Hudson rounds up reaction from the blogosphere here, but over at his own blog, Drifting, the writer/director posts the screenplay as a PDF download.

Writes Lowery:

A few weeks ago, I read over the film’s final shooting script for the first time since production, and was surprised to find it even more exiguous than I remembered. It was designed as a blueprint, and the resulting film has supplanted whatever implicit worth it might have contained. As it should be. Nonetheless, I’d always wanted to make it available once the film had premiered, and so here it is — all 30 pages of it:

Reading it before you see it won’t ruin the film; reading it after you see it may serve as supporting evidence to whatever opinion you may have formed, positive or negative. You may wonder how in my right mind I can call myself a writer – to which I’d say that I wrote this thing to direct. To which some of you might respond that I’m not too hot in that regard either, for which I can do nothing but shrug and agree to disagree.

The script can be downloaded here.

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