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If you’re craving the look and feel of an indie from the ’90s then Tao Ruspoli’s debut feature Fix may be the disc you’ll want to pop in.

Chronicling a wild one day journey around Greater Los Angeles, we follow Bella (Olivia Wilde) and Milo (Ruspoli) as they shoot a documentary on Milo’s brother, Leo (Shawn Andrews), who they pick him up from jail and attempt to drop off at rehab before 8pm. The catch: they have to raise the $5,000 needed to get Leo in the clinic or it’s back to jail.

With an impressive soundtrack leading the way, we follow the three as they steal cars, dog, expresso machine and anything else they can find to pawn off (oh, and they sell some weed).

Shot in a first-person, handheld style, with fast-paced editing, it’s part road trip movie part gritty faux-doc. Certainly not the most original concept, the acting keeps you involved as well as its commentary on the less glamorous areas of the city.

At the end of the day, Ruspoli creates a touching love letter to Los Angeles.

Fix goes on sale today through E1 Entertainment.


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