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There Will Come a Day | Director Giorgio Diritti

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Monday, Jan. 21, 9:00pm — Egyptian Theatre, Park City]

My serenity! Envisioning and working on this film meant putting profound emotions at stake with the desire to strive for meaning and balance in life, obviously more than just in the film itself. And with much physical exertion – it was quite the adventure! My path was parallel to the protagonist, in a dimension of listening and questioning, probation and ongoing research. And I think this represents what being a director means to me: to share a life experience. Because it accompanies me and becomes part of me until it meets the audience.

Now, I feel the sensation as if you exert yourself hiking in the mountains. Step after step, and then, once you reach the top, you enjoy a touching view.

Sundance Responses 2013

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