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“You Have to Mutate or Die in this Business”: Jeremy Thomas on a Career Producing Challenging Cinema

At a small gathering recently at New York’s Posterati in honor of Jeremy Thomas, the legendary producer sat surrounded by international posters of the classic films he’s made over the course of his nearly 60-year career. Nodding at one for…  Read more

By Oct 2, 2023

The ’80s NYC Art Scene, DIY Doc Filmmaking and the Hustle of Self-Promotion: Director Brian Vincent and Producer Heather Spore on Make Me Famous

A young white man in his 20s with light hair wearing a dark jacket and holding a cocktail glass.Edward Brezinski at Club 57, 1981. (Photo ©Kathy Dumas)

There’s a moment early in director Brian Vincent and producer Heather Spore’s documentary Make Me Famous when the ’80s downtown New York artist Edward Brezinski is described by the late artist Duncan Hannah as the guy with the flyers. Brezinski…  Read more

By Jul 6, 2023

“It Really Does Take a Village”: Ted Schaefer on Giving Birth to a Butterfly

A woman sits on an empty old-fashioned trolley, she sits and stares straight ahead and the windows let in flat, white light.Annie Parisse in Giving Birth to a Butterfly.

Our projected identities—and the constant performance inherent in presenting ourselves—fuel the surrealist philosophy of Ted Schaefer’s Giving Birth to a Butterfly. The filmmaker’s directorial debut, from a script he co-wrote with author Patrick Lawler, delves into a psychedelic psychology of…  Read more

By May 30, 2023

“It’s a Good Thing We Didn’t Shoot in New Zealand”: Writer-Director Laurel Parmet and Producer Kara Durrett on The Starling Girl

A young girl with brown hair tied back in a low ponytail kneels beside her bed and folds her hands in prayer. Her eyes are open and she looks up.The Starling Girl, courtesy of Sundance Institute

The following interview first ran as part of our Sundance 2023 coverage. The Starling Girl releases in theaters today in NYC and LA via Bleecker Street, with more cities to follow. — Editor Telling the story of Jem Starling (Eliza…  Read more

By Jan 23, 2023

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