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“We’re Very Preoccupied with Making Personal Arthouse Features”: With Two Films in Cannes, Carson Lund and Tyler Discuss Production Company, Omnes Films

Los Capitulos Perdidos

When Filmmaker featured the startup film collective Omnes Films in our 2021 25 New Faces list, the L.A. outfit’s first two microbudget features — Jonathan Davies’ Topology of Sirens and Tyler Taormina’s Ham on Rye — had both premiered at…  Read more

By May 21, 2024

“It’s a Confusing World That We Inhabit”: Ryan Martin Brown on Free Time

A white man with a mustache smirks at the back of a crowded room.Colin Burgess in Free Time

In Free Time, writer-director-producer Ryan Martin Brown’s debut feature, directionless office drone Drew (comedian Colin Burgess) decides to quit his job. After all, the position is hardly fulfilling (nor is he particularly gifted at it), and why spend all day…  Read more

By Mar 22, 2024

Las Cruces Days

Two women stand against a white wall, their shadows cast into slight relief.Sasha Calle and Lío Mehiel in In the Summers

Alessandra Lacorazza’s In the Summers is a film of moments spread across years—moments quiet and seemingly insignificant, as well as larger events whose significance is downplayed at the time only to be properly understood years later. It’s the story of…  Read more

By Mar 18, 2024

“I Come From the One-Woman-Band Show of Visual Journalism…”: Emily Kassie on Producing Sugarcane

Close-up of Julian Brave NoiseCat, a member of Shuswap Nation.Still from Sugarcane. Courtesy of Sundance Institute. | Photo by Emily Kassie

Tackling a timely but under-discussed contemporary issue in both the United States and Canada, journalists Julian Brave NoiseCat and Emily Kassie investigate a string of abuses and missing persons cases at an indigenous residential school in Sugarcane. Below, Kassie, who…  Read more

By Feb 1, 2024

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