Ted Hope on the Need for a Sustainable Investor Class

Ted HopeTed Hope

“The best thing we can do as a film industry is make sure that investors earn risk appropriate returns on their money. We need to create a sustainable investor class,” explains Ted Hope in this video interview with Film Courage.…  Read more


Five Things Tinder Guys Don’t Know about Being an Independent Filmmaker


In addition to being adorable, overachieving independent filmmakers, we (Caitlin and Penny) are both single gals in various deserts of actual human interaction (Brooklyn and Central NY, respectively.) Thus, we rely on our phones and thumbs, through a mostly-unknown dating…  Read more


Kickstarter: How to Disappear Completely in 28 Days

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Filmmaker regularly offers crowdfunding filmmakers on our curated Kickstarter page the opportunity to write a guest essay about their campaign. Here’s Sasha Solodukhina on the struggles of funding a first-time work, How to Disappear Completely. To learn more about her…  Read more


Ranking Crowdfunding Sites: Kickstarter, Seed&Spark, Rockethub and More

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Crowdsunite, a website that specializes in crowdfunding reviews like only a millennial startup could, recently compiled a list of the industry’s top 10 platforms based on user reviews. Weighing the funding success rate, customer support and user friendliness, Crowdsunite concluded that the…  Read more