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“To Make an Independent Movie is Delusional in a Way”: Alaska is a Drag‘s Shaz Bennett and Melanie Miller at US in Progress

Shaz Bennett, Melanie MillerShaz Bennett, Melanie Miller

US in Progress is a biannual event held in June during the Champs-Elysées Film Festival in Paris and in October during the American Film Festival in Wroclaw. It’s a five-year-old industry event that aims to strengthen transatlantic film collaborations and…  Read more

By Nov 11, 2015

IFP Screen Forward: 5 Questions for Producer Peter Phok about Crowdfunding’s Aftermath

The SacramentThe Sacrament

Producer Peter Phok (The Sacrament, The Innkeepers, V/H/S) is one of five professionals this morning at an IFP Screen Forward panel titled “Bridging the Gap after Crowdfunding.” The title of the panel is an interesting collision of terms as only…  Read more

By Sep 23, 2015

IFP Screen Forward: 5 Questions for Sales Agent and Producer Bill Strauss

Straight Outta ComptonStraight Outta Compton

You can conceive an ingenious plot, pen the perfect script, even begin to line up your ultimate cast — but it all risks being for naught if you can’t sell your vision. Even today, as alternative platforms emerge onto the…  Read more

By Sep 21, 2015

IFP Screen Forward: 5 Tips on Pitching Web Series

Patrick O'Donnell pitching at IFP's Screen Forward Conference (Photo: Kelsey Doyle)Patrick O'Donnell pitching at IFP's Screen Forward Conference (Photo: Kelsey Doyle)

The on-stage pitch has become a staple of documentary film forums, like IDFA and CPH:DOX, and pitch panels long ago snuck into events like IFP’s Screen Forward Conference (previously the Filmmaker Conference). But the on-stage pitching of web series is…  Read more

By Sep 21, 2015

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