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“We’re Looking for People Who Think Weirder and Bloodier”: Eli Roth and Crypt TV Execs on Making Horror Shorts

The Birch

“What we’re doing is building our own Marvel universe and ecosystem of characters”: Eli Roth on Horror & CryptTV at Tribeca Raise your hand if you’re trying to get a horror film made. I thought so. That’s a lot of…  Read more

By May 2, 2017

Do Brands’ Lives Matter? Whiskey Fist Director Gillian Wallace Horvat on When Story and Advertising Collapse

Whiskey Fist

In my new short, Whiskey Fist — premiering Friday, September 10 at SXSW — the characters work in front of a sign that reads “Brands’ Lives Matter.” The font is ripped off from Ed Ruscha and the fluorescent ombre background…  Read more

By Mar 10, 2017

Report from Big Sky: Tips on Documentary Pitching

The Mountain and the Magic City

Given the recent Presidential threats to refugees and immigrants, it seemed only fitting that The New Neighbors Project: Self-Directed Stories from the New American West, which aims to put cameras in the hands of refugees and immigrants in Montana, won the inaugural pitch…  Read more

By Mar 4, 2017

Is Section 181, Film Federal Tax Incentive, “Dead” in a New Trump Administration?

Photo: Shutterstock

Section 181, the Federal tax incentive spurring the production of film and television in the United States is about to suffer, reports David Robb at Deadline, “a quiet death” — at least for the time being. Filmmaker has covered Section…  Read more

By Dec 30, 2016

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