Kickstarter: How to Disappear Completely in 28 Days

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Filmmaker regularly offers crowdfunding filmmakers on our curated Kickstarter page the opportunity to write a guest essay about their campaign. Here’s Sasha Solodukhina on the struggles of funding a first-time work, How to Disappear Completely. To learn more about her…  Read more


Ranking Crowdfunding Sites: Kickstarter, Seed&Spark, Rockethub and More

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Crowdsunite, a website that specializes in crowdfunding reviews like only a millennial startup could, recently compiled a list of the industry’s top 10 platforms based on user reviews. Weighing the funding success rate, customer support and user friendliness, Crowdsunite concluded that the…  Read more


Fundraising $100,000 a Year for Online Video: Mike Stoklasa on Patreon

Red Letter Media's Mr. PlinkettRed Letter Media's Mr. Plinkett

“Red Letter Media is Creating Weird Internet Videos and Films” is the tagline for the Milwaukee-based collective’s page on online fundraising platform Patreon. It’s an appeal that has impressively generated the group almost $100,000 a year in fan donations. Red…  Read more


Crowdf@*%ing 2014

Bethany OrrBethany Orr

The following is a guest post from director, writer and actress Bethany Orr, whose untitled Iceland-set, psychosexual drama is currently raising funds on Indiegogo in a campaign titled “Iceland or Bust.” Click here at the link to learn more and…  Read more