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Wroclaw’s American Film Festival Announces Winners of the 10th U.S. in Progress

To the Moon

in Filmmaking
on Nov 16, 2020

The 10th edition of U.S. in Progress,  the American Film Festival in Wroclaw’s post-production forum that brings together American independent projects with the Polish and international film industries, concluded on Friday with the announcement of the winning films. Among the awardees are Homebody, by Joseph Sackett, who was selected for this year’s Filmmaker 25 New Faces list, as well as a prior 25 selection, Geoff Marslett, who brought his The Boardinghouse Reach to the event.

As the American Film Festival’s Artistic Director explained earlier to Filmmaker, this year’s event was held online, with projects being presented to European sales agents, festival programmers and distributors over Zoom and links shared privately.

The winning films are listed below.

Disfluency by Anna Baumgarten, prod. Danny Mooney, Elaine Hastings Edell, Anna Baumgarten, Jim Cummings (EP), Ben Wiessner (EP), Alex Rudolph (EP) will receive Canal+ group’s Ale kino+ television rights offer;

Have a Nice Life by Prashanth Kamalakanthan, prod. Artemis Shaw gets post-production services (deliverables, subtitles, creative titles, credit design up to the value of $10,000) from Orka Studio;

Homebody by Joseph Sackett, prod. Joy Jorgensen receives digital post-production services (deliverables, subtitles, creative titles, credit design up to the value of $10,000) from Fixafilm, while Match&Spark offers the team consultancy services for co-production with Poland;

New Horizons Association awards Kendra and Beth by Dean Peterson, prod. Reilly Myklebust, Dean Peterson with a $1,000 voucher for a round trip ticket to Poland;

Ludi by Edson Jean, prod. Fabiola Rodriguez, Mark Pulaski receives digital post-production services (deliverables, subtitles and special effects up to the value of $10,000) from Fixafilm and its sound design additional edit from Maciej Zieliński’s Soundflower Studio;

Superior by Erin Vassilopoulos, prod. Benjamin Cohen, Grant Curatola, Patrick Donovan will have color graded at Warsaw’s ColorOffOn (up to the value of $10,000);

The Boardinghouse Reach by Geoff Marslett, prod. Meryem Ersoz, Geoff Marslett, Melodie Sisk, David Arquette (EP), Lily Gladstone (EP), Kiowa Gordon (EP), Bill Way (EP) will have its soundtrack composed by Maciej Zieliński (Soundflower Studio);

To the Moon by Scott Friend, prod. Cate Smierciak, Everett Hendler, Stephanie Randall, Gabe Wilson won $10,000 cash prize for post-production in Poland awarded by the director of the Polish Film Institute;

A producer of We’re All Going to the World’s Fair by Jane Schoenbrun (prod. Sarah Winshall, Carlos Zozaya) will enjoy a free registration at producers’ network during 2021 Cannes Marché du Film.

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