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in Filmmaking
on Dec 1, 2010

1. make a extreme documentary that almost drives you insane
2. go to airport
3. accidentally film naked woman in wheelchair with cat
4. convince security that its not performance art, keep camera
5. put on youtube
6. wait til CNN calls you (less than 24 hrs later) to air the video
7. promote upcoming DVD release

John Maringouin (Running Stumbled, Big River Man) captured this scene in Oklahoma City yesterday. TSA eventually covered her up and then questioned John as they thought he staged the whole thing. There’s something funny about John – he got arrested while filming Steve-O smoking on a plane (he was making a Jackass behind-the-scenes that got shelved), I watched airport security rip through his luggage after the True/False Film festival, and when we brought him to the Loft Film Fest in Tucson last month he got stopped by Border Patrol in between Bisbee and Tombstone.

Big River Man now out on DVD

update: Inside Edition, MSNBC and Fox News have all called. Each wants to add it to their own website, essentially taking the traffic away from him. He decided to roll with CNN.

12/30 – Merry Xmas update: Tammy is back at the airport (all night) and speaks out.


Many of John’s films have been described as “suspicious…alarming.”

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