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in Filmmaking
on Mar 2, 2006


Apple Insider has a revealing article posted that signals Apple’s intentions with regards to an iTunes Movie Store. The article references a survey undertaken by Apple that tests the concept of a subscription-based movie download service on consumers.

From the piece:

A survey distributed this week through Coyote Insight, a Fullerton, Calif.-based market research firm, asked that participants answer a series of questions related to a potential “iTunes movie service” that would provide on-demand access to movies that could be downloaded to a computer or iPod.

“This iTunes service would provide access to 1,000 movies on demand which can be downloaded to your computer and, in turn, to your video iPod if you have one, or even your television if it is connected to your computer,” read a description early in the survey….

With the click of a button, users would be able to quickly download any of the movies through iTunes, which could begin playing as flick is downloading, according to the survey.

“You would have access to 1,000 movies including new releases like ‘The Incredibles’, ‘The Pacifier’, and ‘Fightplan’ as well as your favorites from the past,” the description went on to read. “Watch as many movies as you want, as often as you want — all commercial free with no charge per view.” Each month, the potential service would reportedly add new movies for users to choose from.

The survey asked participants to rate the described service on a scale of 1 to 10. Based on the same scale, it also asked that participants indicate how likely they would be to subscribe to the new iTunes service for a monthly fee of $9.99.

Still, it appears that Apple is looking for feedback on alternative pricing models — presumably if it gets the nod from its content partners, including major motion picture studios such as Miramax Films, Universal Pictures, Buena Vista Pictures, New Line Cinema, and Sony Pictures, according to a preliminary list of movies in the survey.

“Instead of subscribing for $9.99 a month to download the offered movies, another option is to buy the movies individually,” the survey reads. “You would be able to select any movie available on this service, download it to your PC where you can keep it as long as you like. You would be able to view it on your computer as well as play it on your video capable iPod.”

UPDATE: There’s word on the net that the survey cited about was commissioned by Starz but there is more info here at Think Secret about Apple’s video download plans.

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