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in Filmmaking
on Apr 1, 2007

Director Matt Manahan, who is finishing up post-production on his feature The Book of Caleb, recently attended the Head Trauma screening/concert/experience in Philadelphia I blogged about last week and sent this report.

I went to see Head Trauma finally in Philadelphia. I can be pretty cynical when it comes to some indi films, but Lance is doing something genuinely cool, innovative and different. It was the first screening I’ve ever been to where the director of the film reminds you before the show to keep your phones turned ON, as you would need them to call a number that would flash up on the screen during different parts of the movie.

Plus, he had characters from the film come to life and walk through the crowd. Maybe this has been done before, but it was a great effect. I was sitting on an endseat and was really afraid of being messed with.

SO you are watching the film, which was very good and puts you on edge already, but you are constantly looking over your shoulder nervous about being attacked by this hooded figure on the loose which just sort of heightens the experience. There were props and smoke and lights too.

He also did a remix of the music score with live musicians, so I guess we were watching the cut without any music tracks and then it was rescored live. At first this was kind of annoying. The music was way too loud and distracting. I warmed up to the rawness of it all though, and it felt kind of cool being part of the recording session as well.

Overall, it was really exciting and I would love to see something else with that much creativity not just in the film, but into the enviroment one is watching the film.

Here’s filmmaker Lance Weiler’s blog on the event.

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