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in Filmmaking
on Mar 6, 2008

The Screen Actor’s Guild has confirmed on its website news that has been floating around the indie world for a few weeks: that SAG will offer “guaranteed completion contracts” to indie productions so that they will be unaffected by a possible strike. What’s great about the SAG news, aside from quite valuably allowing indies to make a living during a labor stoppage, is that it implicitly acknowledges that all producers are not represented by the AMPTP and should not be affected by issues that primarily affect studio moviemaking.

From the website:

Guaranteed Completion Contracts are only available to independent productions of theatrical motion pictures which have neither financing nor distribution deals with any AMPTP-represented studio or company. Interested producers must complete an application disclosing any financing, distribution or other arrangement with AMPTP-represented companies in order for SAG to determine whether the producer qualifies for the GCC. The contracts will be offered at the sole discretion of Screen Actors Guild….

Independent producers of theatrical motion pictures interested in a GCC should contact Elizabeth Moseley in Los Angeles at (323) 549-6821 or Fern Wakneen in New York at (212) 827-1510.

(Thanks to Noah Harlan for flagging the SAG page.)

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