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How to Create a Profitable VOD Strategy

This distribution case study of American: The Bill Hicks Story has been previously posted at Indiewire, and when it went up, I quickly scanned it and tweeted their link. But now I’ve actually had time to read it carefully, and it’s a very useful document that deserves its own place on the blog. A Powerpoint presentation prepared for a panel at this year’s SXSW moderated by Orly Ravid, the document walks you through the filmmaker’s DIY theatrical and various VOD and digital distribution deals. There are revenue numbers here, and not just for American, but also other movies released by the panel’s participants, who include Magnolia’s Eammon Bowles, Gravitas’s Nolan Gallagher and Variance’s Dylan Marchetti. And that’s not all: there’s a discussion of the film’s marketing and publicity, selection of poster and ad slick design, and a stern set of recommendations regarding deciding whether or not your film is even a candidate for this type of release.

Digital distribution is confusing, and if you know DIY and VOD but not SVOD, FVOD, DTO, DTR, EST or AVOD, then you need this document. You can download it right off the embed below.

American the Bill Hicks Case Study

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