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New Pocket Series Rigs from Edelkrone

Pocket Slider

Edelkrone has taken their Pocket Rig concept and broken it down to create an entire series of different pocket solutions so you can pick and choose what type of attachments you’d like on your camera.

The first one that caught my eye was the Pocket Slider. While obviously you won’t get as much slide from this as a full track, this is a really neat rig to get a little camera movement in your shot from a device that can easily fit in your bag instead of taking up its own bag.

For other movement options there’s the Pocket Skater. Three wheels that are completely positionable pop out to be arranged to create what ever type of movement you want on  a flat surface.

Pocket Handles
Pocket Handles

For a simple handheld grip the Pocket Handles had two highly positionable handles that felt solid and do a good job of stabilizing a small camera.

Rounding out the Pocket Series there’s also Rods, Support, and Stand. Prices can be found on the website – not all are shipping yet. There will also be bundle options in the future that offer a discount.

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