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Watch (and Read): Video Tribute and Interview with D.P. Jeff Cronenweth

With Josh Maczinski’s tribute to Jeff Cronenweth popping up around the interwebs, here’s a good time to post, alongside it, Jamie Stuart’s 2014 interview with the cinematographer. Maczinski’s supercut surveys favorite scenes from films like Gone Girl, The Social Network, Hitchcock and One-Hour Photo. Stuart’s interview gets deep into it regarding digital technology, lens choices and a lot more. Here is Cronenweth on Fincher’s use of digital tools:

But it’s part of David’s tenacity in making sure that every image supports the story and nothing ever unsettles an audience member unintentionally. In other words, you see everything you’re supposed to see, and it’s pretty smooth — so anything that’s elicited emotionally from the visuals and from the performances and the shot choices and all that is intentionally chosen. I think that’s just the evolution of where we are, and audiences have become so sophisticated that you owe it to them, not to manipulate images, but to give back the best opportunity to experience whatever the story is you’re trying to tell.

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