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The 20 Most Popular Posts of 2016

Sasha Lane (Photograph: Richard Koek)

in Filmmaking
on Dec 29, 2016

Again in 2016, when compiling this list of our 20 most popular posts on the site, I was gratified to see our customarily high substance-to-clickbait ratio holding steady. As always, our “top posts of the year” list is broken in two. There is a list of the top ten new pieces published in 2016, and then a list of the top ten previously published, or archival, posts. Befitting the magazine’s mission, there’s a strong current of practical filmmaking advice and DIY tutorials here, ranging from casting, finding a producer, developing a script and more. In terms of the newly published work, the splash page for our annual 25 New Faces takes once more the top spot, while Brandon Tonner-Connolly and Alicia van Couvering’s article on film set etiquette — our most popular article ever — is far and away our most popular archival piece this year.

The great thing about this list is that the vast majority of links here is timeless in a way. And if you’re about to start working on your first feature, well, there’s a lot here for you.

Top 10 New Pieces Published in 2016

1. 25 New Faces of 2016 (With American Honey star Sasha Lane’s profile being the highest trafficked in the series.)

2. “There is No Right Way”: 14 Things Directors Need to Know About Directing Actors

3. Why Louis CK’s Horace and Pete is the Most Important TV Show of the Decade (and Maybe the Best)

4. Shooting a Movie in 25 Days for Blumhouse: Phil Joanu on The Veil

5. Watch: The Revenant by Tarkovsky

6. Too Much Coverage is Exhausting, Especially for the Actors: Tony Zhou on Ensemble Staging

7. An Open Letter to the Tribeca Film Festival about Vaxxed

8. All Movies are Political Movies: We Need to Do Better

9. Olivia Wilde Directed this Music Video on an iPhone 6s+

10. If You Put Up a Video Village, You’re Going to Get 10% Less Material a Day: Gilles Nuttgens on Hell or High Water.

Top 10 Archival Pieces in 2016

1. The Seven Arts of Working in Film: A Necessary Guide to On-Set Protocol.

2. What Everyone Does on a Film Set

3. 15 Steps to Take After You Finish Your Script

4. The Art of First Impressions: How to Cut a Movie Trailer

5. How To Option a Book For Film Adaptation

6. 13 Ways to Cast A-List Actors in Microbudget Films

7. So You Want to Make a Horror Film? On Jump Scares and Other Basics of Fright

8. 39 Movies Released in 2014 Shot on 35mm

9. How to Find a Producer

10. Foreign Sales 101: What Independents Need to Know about Selling Films Abroad

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