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Reflections from Quarantine and Beyond, Part Two: Six Cinematographers on Their Lives During Lockdown

Ellen Kuras shooting in Times Square

in Cinematographers, Interviews
on Jul 14, 2020

Following his previous check-in with some of the world’s leading cinematographers about their lives during quarantine, Daniel Eagan returns with six more reports from directors of photography about how their lives and work are being affected by this moment of coronavirus and social change. Below are accounts of work done during quarantine — from continued prep on postponed shoots to home improvement to painting — as well as thoughts on how the film business is changing.

Following are responses from Jarin Blaschke, Laura Merians-Gonçalves, Benoit Delhomme, Ellen Kuras, Ed Lachman and Toby Oliver.

“It’ll Be as Accurate as a Viking Movie Can Be…”: DP Jarin Blaschke on Shooting Robert Eggers’s The Northman, Storyboarding During Lockdown, and Being Optimistic.

“For My Department, We Would Behave Like a Team of Surgeons”: Benoit Delhomme on Minamata, Painting During Quarantine, and Post-Coronavirus Set Life

“I Wasn’t Interested in Just Shooting Empty Streets…”: Ellen Kuras on Action, Change and Democracy in Crisis.

“Every Civilization Has Had Its Time”: DP Ed Lachman on Quarantine Viewing and the World Outside.

“We Are Living Through a Transition from COVID to Consciousness”: DP Laura Merians-Gonçalves on Homebuilding During Quarantine, Safe Production and a Collective Future.

“Traveling By Plane at the Moment is One of the Tricky Things…” DP Toby Oliver on Production Restarting and His Work on the Netflix Series Dead to Me.

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