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The One-Cam: Under the Skin’s Customized CCD Camera

Eventually we’ll stop posting about Under The Skin but today is not that day. Last month, I ran a featurette from A24 about the film’s guerrilla style execution. The production rigged Johansson’s vehicle with eight hidden cameras, recording her improvised interactions with any given passerby in real time and with maximum coverage. Now, we have yet another featurette that gets into the specifications of said cameras, called “One-Cams,” which were developed especially for the occasion. For the van sequences, the VFX studio One of Us rigged a CCD camera (about the size of a GoPro) with anamorphic super 16 lenses. Though the rest of the film’s staged scenes were shot on an ALEXA, the team was able to achieve an incredible synergy between the two formats, providing the creative freedom Glazer needed to realize his vision. The final product is below.


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