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See No Evil 2 Directors The Soska Sisters on Collaborative Directing

In the upcoming issue of Filmmaker, Esther Robinson writes about directors who work in pairs. Robinson’s focus is on how two directors is better than one when it comes to navigating the development and financial aspects of being a director, and she surveys a number of them on how they structure their work.

But then there’s the also the basic question: how do they actually do it? Is everything discussed jointly? Does one talk to the actors and the other direct the camera? Is one more dominant in production and the other in post? In this short clip, Jen and Sylvia Soska, whose See No Evil 2 is out today, show you how they do it. (Not surprisingly, the sororal genre queens are both strong on-set presences.)

Starring WWE wrestler Kane, the zombie morgue horror movie See No Evil 2 is available today via iTunes and on video on demand. The Blu-Ray is released next week.

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