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2023 in Review: 5 Quick Tech Takeaways from September’s New York Film Festival

Mark Ruffalo and Emma Stone in Poor Things, filmed through a fisheye lens

Those of us who live in New York are treated each fall to a Whitman’s Sampler of world cinema, a curated selection of highlights from some of the year’s most prestigious international festivals. It’s hardly a large sample size, given…  Read more

By Dec 31, 2023

Progress in Small Steps: Camera and Lighting Technology Trends in 2023

Filming Gareth Edward's The Creator in Thailand with Sony FX3. ©Disney

Commercial theatrical projection for most folks is an afterthought. A DCP gets loaded into a playout server, sound levels checked, curtains adjusted, and everything is good to go. This testifies to the efficacy of the two-decade old DCP (Digital Cinema…  Read more

By Dec 15, 2023

NAB 2023: New Gear That’s Making Virtual Production More Affordable and Accessible

VIVE Mars Camera Tracker on display. With a toy parrot.

At NAB I had a mission: find out what new products are making virtual production more affordable, more accessible, and not require a master’s degree in Unreal. Fortunately, I found a few options. Plus some new tools that are blending generative…  Read more

By May 23, 2023

Camera to Cloud to Remote Collaboration: New Remote Tools and Workflows from NAB 2023

Atomos Cloud Studio - Cloud Edit

From uploading to the cloud to editing in the cloud to collaborating across the cloud, there was no shortage of new tools and workflow ideas at NAB to help shoot and edit quicker regardless of where your team is located…  Read more

By Apr 27, 2023

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