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  • Switching from a DSLR to the Canon C100: Interview with Ben Pender-Cudlip

    Ben Pender-Cudlip is a Boston based filmmaker who specializes in nonfiction work. His short film Sanjiban, which chronicles the passing of filmmaker Sanjiban Sellew, premiered at Hot Docs last year. Ben recently switched from shooting on a DSLR to the Canon C100. In part one of this interview he talks about his experience switching to the C100, and in part two he talks about the first major project shot with the camera: documenting an ice-climbing expedition. Filmmaker: What were you using prior to getting the C100? Pender-Cudlip: Before the C100 I was using a Canon 60D, which is sort of…  Read more

    On Jun 3, 2013
  • Shooting with a RED EPIC in Indonesia: Interview with David Kruta

    Cinematographer David Kruta spent a week in Indonesia this February shooting footage for the SurfAid charity to use in their promotional and educational campaigns. He took with him a RED EPIC, and says that the goal was to “bring a cinematic approach” to something that would be more often shot in a documentary style. Filmmaker: How did the project come about? Kruta: The director, Michael Lawrence, is a good friend of mine and I’ve done five or six projects with him. He said he had a shoot in Indonesia, and that he was going there to revisit the places he photographed after…  Read more

    On May 24, 2013
  • Using a Stair Climber for a Crane Shot

    Sometimes a piece of everyday equipment can be used for an unusual purpose. While shooting a recent music video for the band Run 8 Rider, director Sean Meehan noticed a stair climber at the location and wondered if it couldn’t be used to create some kind of crane shot. An additional twist is that the shot would consist of three sequences shot at different times in the shooting day and be spliced together. Sean explains how the shot was made: We walked in, I saw this stair climber and my first thought was “That’d be really cool to use for…  Read more

    On Apr 19, 2013
    By on Apr 19, 2013Cinematography
  • Blackmagic Puts Some Life – and 4K – into NAB

    When it comes to cameras, this year’s NAB was looking to be a consolidation year, rather than one of great innovation. Sony had only recently begun shipping their F5 and F55 4K cameras, and had no real camera announcements, though they did announce the prices for their 65” and 55” 4K displays. Canon announced that they were developing a 35mm cine lens and a few other things, but no new cameras. But then along came Blackmagic to disturb the status quo by announcing two new cameras: the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K. The latter is…  Read more

    On Apr 9, 2013
    By on Apr 9, 2013Cinematography
  • Hero Punk: A Cyberpunk Superhero Film Shot on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in Green Screen

    Kanen Flowers describes himself as a “former technology guy” who got into filmmaking around 2001 with the goal of writing and directing his own material. In 2007, he started work on Jack Forgotten, a project that he says is still in postproduction. Other projects have met with greater success; he started the That Post Show podcast, and a show called That Media Show, and has produced a variety of shorts and web-based content through his production company, At the moment he’s working on Hero Punk, a full-length feature which was shot using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Hero Punk is…  Read more

    On Apr 1, 2013
    By on Apr 1, 2013Directors
  • Sidewalk Traffic: Interview with D.P. Dave Kruta

    The last time we spoke to David Kruta [DP David Kruta on Shooting the Movie Concussion], he’d just finished DP’ing the independent movie Concussion, which was directed by Stacie Passon. Concussion went on to become an official selection at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and has secured a distribution deal with The Weinstein Company’s TWC_RADiUS division. Kruta recently talked to us about his latest project, Sidewalk Traffic. Principal photography just ended, and the movie will probably be completed by the end of the year. Filmmaker: What is Sidewalk Traffic? Kruta: Sidewalk Traffic is Anthony Fisher’s first feature film; he’s a…  Read more

    On Mar 25, 2013
  • Kodak Cinema Tools, a Free App for Filmmakers

    Kodak has updated their free iOS app Cinema Tools to add a simple Aspect Ratio feature. Using a default picture, or one loaded from your photo library, you can choose from 2-perf, 3-perf, 4-perf and 16mm motion picture film formats and then choose between 2.35:1, 1.85:1, 1.18:1 (16×9) or 1.33:1 (4×3) aspect ratios. The image is then cropped to display the results. Unfortunately, you can’t choose a focal length for the imaginary lens, so the tool is very limited. (For a better web-based example that covers digital cameras, check out AbelCine’s Field of View Comparator.) While several of the tools…  Read more

    On Mar 11, 2013
    By on Mar 11, 2013Cinematography
  • Sony Responds to RED, Blackmagic Fix and Avid Continues to Decline

    Two weeks ago RED announced that they were suing Sony for patent infringement for technology used in Sony’s PMW-F5, PMW-F55, and F65 cameras. Last week Sony posted a response on their Pro video website. First noting that the F65 has been commercially available for over a year, and that the F5/F55 were announced in October, they go on to say: Sony has now had an opportunity to study Red’s complaint and the asserted patents, and categorically denies Red’s allegations. Sony intends to defend itself vigorously in the Red lawsuit. Sony looks forward to prevailing in court, thus vindicating the Sony…  Read more

    On Mar 4, 2013
    By on Mar 4, 2013Cinematography
  • Oscar-Nominated Cinematographers Discuss Filmmaking

    The problem with the Oscars is that you spend three hours watching the show and at the end you haven’t learned anything from the winners about how they did what they did. In celebration of the event, and with congratulations to the winners, here’s some interviews with the nominees for Best Cinematography. One of the interesting themes you’ll note in these articles is that the switch from film to digital remains a hot topic: Anna Karenina | Seamus McGarvey “Anna Karenina was filmed with anamorphic lenses, which require slightly more light, and some of the lighting used is older in style,…  Read more

    On Feb 25, 2013
    By on Feb 25, 2013Cinematography
  • RED Sues Sony and Other News

    In case you are living in a cave and missed it, the big news of last week was that RED is suing Sony. RED claims that Sony’s F65, F55 and F5 infringe on patents RED holds, specifically relating to REDCODE RAW. It appears that the issue may turn on the compression of a RAW video stream in the camera. Jim Jannard posted on the REDuser Forum: We are heavily invested in concepts, inventions, designs, development and manufacturing of RED cameras, REDRAY and the RED Projector. Each is unique and has motivated the industry to get better, for the benefit of…  Read more

    On Feb 18, 2013
    By on Feb 18, 2013Columns
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